• date 08 May 2018

    The Future of Smart Packaging

    For years, the fruit and vegetable industry has been discussing smart packaging. But what is smart packaging? Are these sustainable? Do we choose plastic or paper? What are the production methods and which raw materials are being used? Are these materials recycled? The packaging issue focuses on the product itself as well as on current social and environmental demands.

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  • date 11 Apr 2018

    Know What Is Inside the Box and Boost Sales Opportunities

    Quick thinking is what counts today. With decreasing personal client relations between purchase and sales, the focus now lies on the products themselves. Therefore, sharing the right product information is important. Highlighting specific characteristics and (packaging) options will boost sales opportunities.

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  • date 21 Mar 2018

    Positive Offline Product Experience Inspires More Online Sales

    Ordering products online increasingly becomes the standard. Will physical shops exit our streets in the future? We do not think so, as these offline shops can be used to promote a specific product experience and offer suitable customer care. Through presenting this offline option to consumers, online sales will ultimately increase.

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  • date 26 Feb 2018

    Strategic Purchasing and Successful Sales; A True Win-Win Situation

    The fruit and vegetable sector mainly aims at strategic purchasing to secure an acceptable profit margin. This is where the process usually ends. But what if we go a bit further and, together with partners and retailers, create a successful sales strategy? It will enable a win-win situation; double profit through strategic purchasing and successful sales.

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  • date 07 Feb 2018

    Focus on Complete Dishes Instead of on Separate Products

    From 7 to 9 February, Prominent exhibits at FRUIT LOGISTICA, an international trade show in Berlin where the global fruit and vegetable industry comes together. How is the Dutch vine tomato represented? ‘We inspire visitors with our live cooking demonstrations, where a range of products, flavours and textures bring out the best in each other,’ says Wim van den Berg.

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  • date 18 Jan 2018

    More Fresh Vegetables: Make It Easier for Consumers!

    It is a well-known fact that fruit and vegetables are a healthy choice. Nevertheless, various factors are keeping consumers from eating fresh vegetables more often. How can we inspire them to choose a healthy option? By making it easier for consumers; easy as pie, actually!

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  • date 13 Dec 2017

    The Power Of A Multi Channel Strategy

    Consumers increasingly use multiple sales channels to buy their groceries. When retailers respond adequately, they can keep supplying their consumers with fresh products, meeting their needs anytime and anywhere. Convenience products are the future.

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  • date 22 Nov 2017

    How Do Retailers Build Consumer Confidence…Now and In the Future?

    Why is one retailer successful and the other one is not? It has to do with economic and demographic influences among others, but especially with insight in consumers’ motives. Providing an adequate response and a clear store concept, both consumer confidence and revenue will increase. Read More!

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  • date 26 Oct 2017

    Do You Know What Motivates Consumers?

    Earlier, we mentioned the importance of understanding how shoppers purchase their groceries. But do you know how consumers – those seated around the dinner table or busy in the kitchen – act? Since this answer is just as important, we have started a campaign. The tips from this blog offer insight in what drives consumers.

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  • date 20 Sep 2017

    ‘Dutch agricultural sector has the lowest environmental impact in the world’

    Says Jan de Ruyter, agricultural sector banker at ABN Amro, responsible for the research on this topic. At Prominent, sustainability is also high on the agenda. Through smart solutions and the use of natural recourses, our growers have been producing tasty vine tomatoes for years.

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