• date 04 Dec 2018

    ‘Healthy Choices’ Remain an Important Trend in 2019

    As in previous years, 2019 will be about healthy living and a conscious approach to food. More often, retailers will meet the individual needs of consumers and support them in making healthy choices. In this, technology and data are playing an increasingly important role. Both in collecting data and providing custom-solutions. The versatile vine tomato perfectly fits this healthy trend.

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  • date 05 Nov 2018

    Which Impact Does Brexit Have on The Fruit and Vegetable Sector?

    The impending Brexit on the 29th of March 2019 brings a lot of uncertainty for entrepreneurs who are doing business with the United Kingdom. With 600.000 lorries crossing the Canal each year, the UK is our most important trade partner after Germany. What happens when the UK leaves the European internal market and customs union, and free transport of fruit and vegetables is no longer an option?

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  • date 02 Oct 2018

    A Sustainable Alternative for Plastic Packaging?

    How do we reduce our plastic impact? A question that concerns everyone; from producer to consumer. When every player in this chain takes his responsibility, we might be able to take some important steps. People are becoming more aware the harmful effect of plastic packaging clogging landfills or even worse; polluting our oceans. But can we find a sustainable alternative for plastic packaging?

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  • date 05 Sep 2018

    Global Mergers: More Power, Less Diversity

    The increase in mergers of several multinationals changes the global retail landscape. These large organisations are gaining more and more power. The diversity diminishes and therefore consumers and suppliers are limited in their choices. Multinationals dictate the range, which is becoming increasingly uniform. Is this our future?

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  • date 07 Aug 2018

    A sun-kissed tomato, also in winter

    The times when consumers could only purchase and prepare seasonal fruit and vegetables have passed. Nowadays, most items are available throughout the year. But where do the strawberries in winter come from? And the runner beans that are currently on display? Origin influences taste, quality and sustainability.

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  • date 12 Jul 2018

    National Tomatoes First? How Chauvinism Influences Our Buying Behaviour

    What influence do politics, economy and culture have on our buying behaviour? In socially insecure times, people tend to turn inward. This also counts for EU member states. They increasingly focus on their national economy and therefore, promote local products. Consumers follow; an Englishman will prefer to buy British fruit and vegetables instead of the imported varieties.

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  • date 11 Jun 2018

    Fruit & Vegetable Department: Balancing Attraction and Transaction

    A relaxing shopping trip in the weekend or a quick stop at the discounter store, for some essentials? Various supermarket concepts attract various shoppers, by focusing on experience or functionality, for example. It is important to create a balance between attraction – the way the products are presented – and transaction – will these products be purchased? In the end, every retailer wants a high turnover.

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  • date 08 May 2018

    The Future of Smart Packaging

    For years, the fruit and vegetable industry has been discussing smart packaging. But what is smart packaging? Are these sustainable? Do we choose plastic or paper? What are the production methods and which raw materials are being used? Are these materials recycled? The packaging issue focuses on the product itself as well as on current social and environmental demands.

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  • date 11 Apr 2018

    Know What Is Inside the Box and Boost Sales Opportunities

    Quick thinking is what counts today. With decreasing personal client relations between purchase and sales, the focus now lies on the products themselves. Therefore, sharing the right product information is important. Highlighting specific characteristics and (packaging) options will boost sales opportunities.

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  • date 21 Mar 2018

    Positive Offline Product Experience Inspires More Online Sales

    Ordering products online increasingly becomes the standard. Will physical shops exit our streets in the future? We do not think so, as these offline shops can be used to promote a specific product experience and offer suitable customer care. Through presenting this offline option to consumers, online sales will ultimately increase.

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