• date 05 Jan 2022

    Coaching consumers into a healthier lifestyle

    During the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, making healthy food choices is extra important. What are the WHO, several European countries and some retailers doing to promote a healthy lifestyle?

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  • date 21 Oct 2021

    COVID-19 consumer behaviour: sustainable development or temporary trend?

    In September, Prominent participated in the eleventh edition of the Deutsche Obst und Gemüse Kongress (DOGK) in Düsseldorf. Here, among others, the influence of the current pandemic on consumer behaviour was being discussed. Consumers currently say they focus more on health, meaningful products (such as luxury or well-known brands) and family life. But is this a sustainable development or just a temporary trend?

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  • date 25 Aug 2021

    Supply chain cooperation as a sustainable solution

    Supply chain cooperation is more than a short-term initiative. It involves a shared intention where all parties involved take similar ownership as well as share their knowledge and experience. This type of cooperation asks for serious commitment to ultimately reach shared objectives. Curious to know more about the advantages of supply chain cooperation?

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  • date 23 Sep 2021

    The power of super fresh produce

    Fresh produce; this term is often used by producers and retailers. But what does ‘fresh’ actually mean? Does it imply ‘recently harvested’, ‘unprocessed’ or ‘tasty’? The tomatoes of Prominent can be called all three of these options. But what about other ‘fresh’ products?

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  • date 27 Jul 2021

    Do the switch: how to make healthy choices?

    Now that bars and restaurants are cautiously opening their doors and people no longer use canteens due to continuous working from home, the need to get creative in the kitchen increases. But what if inspiration fails? Do you order a pizza or go for a healthier alternative? Through their campaign ‘do the switch’ the Dutch government aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, particularly in times of corona. And it includes a leading role for tomatoes.

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  • date 02 Jun 2021

    Increase in consumer confidence due to easing of COVID-19 restrictions

    Consumer confidence increases as vaccinating is in full swing and more COVID-19 restrictions are being eased. The Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) discusses these and other insights in its Shopper Confidence Index, published in April 2021. Even though the publication focuses on developments in the United Kingdom (UK), these insights can be considered a prediction for the rest of Europe. What can the European market expect? And what should we, as fruit and vegetable sector, look out for?

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  • date 05 May 2021

    Which tips of Hello Fresh can be used in the fruit and vegetable sector?

    COVID-19 pandemic or not, consumers still want to eat good, healthy and preferably budget-friendly food. For this, recipe boxes are a great solution, and Hello Fresh is taking centre stage. This successful organisation saw its global revenue increase to 3.75 billion euro in 2020. What is their secret and which tips can the fruit and vegetable sector use as well?

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  • date 31 Mar 2021

    Stronger private labels if retailers and sector work together

    Private labels are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. How can the fruit and vegetable sector collaborate with retailers to market their products even better? In chapter two of this series, we take a look at how both parties can join forces. Through sharing knowledge and experience, the position of private labels can be even further strengthened.

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  • date 03 Mar 2021

    Improved positioning of private labels is paying off

    The global trend of retailers positioning/marketing their private label better has really taken off in the last couple of years. By focusing on an appealing price-quality ratio, clear communication and smart innovation, an increasing number of consumers now know where to find these private labels. They are no longer seen as a B-choice, but as a similar and sometimes even better option next to the well-known premium brands on the shelves.

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  • date 22 Jan 2021

    2021 not only brings uncertainty but opportunities too!

    At the start of the new year, Prominent looks ahead. What will be the trends in 2021? Which opportunities can the fruit and vegetable sector take advantage of? Despite the uncertainty that the COVID-19 crisis brings, there are successes to be achieved too. You just have to know what to look out for.

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