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  • date 23 Sep 2021

    The power of super fresh produce

    Fresh produce; this term is often used by producers and retailers. But what does ‘fresh’ actually mean? Does it imply ‘recently harvested’, ‘unprocessed’ or ‘tasty’? The tomatoes of Prominent can be called all three of these options. But what about other ‘fresh’ products?

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  • date 25 Aug 2021

    Supply chain cooperation as a sustainable solution

    Supply chain cooperation is more than a short-term initiative. It involves a shared intention where all parties involved take similar ownership as well as share their knowledge and experience. This type of cooperation asks for serious commitment to ultimately reach shared objectives. Curious to know more about the advantages of supply chain cooperation?

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  • date 14 Jun 2021

    Food bloggers take on the Tomato Times challenge

    Wie zet het meest heerlijke én verrassende tomatengerecht op tafel? Die uitdaging gaan vijf foodbloggers, in samenwerking met het merk Prominent, de komende weken online met elkaar aan. Met als doel om de consument te laten zien dat tomaten zo veelzijdig zijn, dat je ze ieder moment van de dag kunt eten. Tijdens de kick-off van de Tomato Times Challenge op dinsdag 8 juni, namen de deelnemende bloggers de groentekist in ontvangst. Met ieder een eigen opdracht.

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  • date 17 Mar 2021

    Prominent offers breakfast and snack inspiration

    Stimulating growth of the fresh produce section by inspiring shoppers. That is the aim of tomato brand Prominent. "Researching the behaviour of shoppers in the Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain gives us insight into what consumers want. Together with our chain partners, we use this information to increase the value within the fresh produce category," says Perry Dekkers, Commercial Director at Growers United. "The Global Tomato Congress that took place online yesterday was the perfect opportunity to share our insights and motivate the congress participants to take on that challenge, together with us."

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  • date 04 Mar 2021

    Prominent Tomatoes is sponsor the Global Tomato Congress

    Prominent Tomatoes, Growers United's tomato brand, is once again proud to sponsor the Global Tomato Congress.

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  • date 26 Nov 2020

    MITSUI & CO. continues its growth in the vegetables seeds sector with the acquisition of Totam Seeds B.V.

    Mitsui & Co., Ltd. on 25th of November has acquired 75% of shares of Totam Seeds B.V., ("Totam”). Totam is an innovative seed company specialized in the development, production, and sales of high quality tomato seeds targeted towards active greenhouse (AGH) production. Mitsui will be partnering with the Prominent Group, the largest tomato agriculture cooperative in the Netherlands representing approximately 30% of the nation's tomato production, to together expand Totam’s operations.

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  • date 30 Sep 2020

    Prominent strengthens its position in the snack tomato segment with Moroccan partner QualiPrim

    After a successful start last year, DOOR/Prominent has again been selling snack tomatoes from QualiPrim nursery, one of the best tomato growers in Morocco, since early September. ‘We’ve had a very positive experience with the partnership and the quality of the product in the past year, as have our customers,’ said Perry Dekkers, Marketing Manager. ‘Due to the growth of the production area in both the Netherlands and Morocco, the Prominent brand is strengthening its position in the snack tomato segment.’

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  • date 30 Jun 2020

    Prominent celebrates 25 years of doing business as a team

    On 30 June 1995 - 25 years ago - seven growers founded the Prominent Growers' Association. These entrepreneurs decided to start growing tomatoes with better taste and quality to improve the image of Dutch tomatoes and secure a premium price for them. And just look at where this team of growers is now. Time for a chat with some of the people behind the story. So it was that Jack Groenewegen, chairman of Prominent; Jan Opschoor, managing director of Prominent; and Perry Dekkers, Commercial Director at Coöperatie DOOR, left their offices behind for a cup of coffee and a chat with those who helped make Prominent what it is today. Their goal: to hear not just great stories but also dreams for a sunny future.

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  • date 25 Jun 2020

    The Prominent brand hits the road with its own pop-up restaurant

    Tomatoes are so versatile that you can eat them at any time of day. But not everyone realises this. 'We thought it was about time to change this situation', says Wim van den Berg, Marketing Manager at Growers United. 'For our new commercial, we went on tour with our very own pop-up restaurant “Tomato Times” to surprise consumers with some wonderful tomato treats at unexpected moments.'

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  • date 09 Jan 2020

    Prominent Group Cooperative wins 2020 Horticulture Entrepreneur Prize

    Prominent, an innovative specialist in tomatoes, was presented with the 2020 Horticulture Entrepreneur Prize during a festive event held on Wednesday, 8 January at Keukenhof in Lisse, The Netherlands. This makes Prominent the horticulture entrepreneur of the year. The jury declared that this organisation, which began as a growers' association, has now become an enterprising cooperative whose members are also shareholders.

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  • date 27 Nov 2019

    Prominent launches its new campaign: 'We challenge you'

    The Global Tomato Congress in Rotterdam set the stage yesterday for the Prominent brand to announce its new campaign entitled 'We challenge you'. Perry Dekkers, Commercial Director at Coöperatie DOOR, talked about the challenge shared by all the links in the supply chain: having more consumers enjoy healthy delicious tomatoes on a daily basis.

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  • date 18 Sep 2019

    Sponsor of Global Tomato Congress 2019

    On Tuesday, 26 November, all the key players in the fresh produce sector that have anything to do with tomatoes will meet for the first edition of the Global Tomato Congress in Rotterdam. As expected, Prominent will serve as one of its sponsors. This conference is organised by Fruitnet, which also organises the annual Global Berry Congress. Three stages with over 40 speakers offer a variety of topics. And of course, there will be plenty of networking opportunities.

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