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  • date 11 Dec 2019

    Prominent Says ‘We challenge you!’

    At the Global Tomato Congress in Rotterdam, the Prominent brand recently launched its campaign We Challenge You. Here, the entire chain – from our growers and partners to retailers – is challenged to help consumers enjoy healthy tomatoes on a daily basis. The campaign mainly focuses on the new generation of shoppers: millennials, young families and children. By planting a seed right now and providing the right information and inspiration, chances are they will still choose Prominent tomatoes in the future.

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  • date 30 Oct 2019

    Impulse Purchases as Extra Source of Income

    With the holidays approaching and the Christmas range already in the shops, consumers are increasingly tempted to make impulse purchases. How can we, as the fruit and vegetable sector, profit from this too? These five elements allow those extra (vine) tomatoes to end up in the shopping cart: product, presentation, placement, price and positive feelings.

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  • date 27 Nov 2019

    Prominent launches its new campaign: 'We challenge you'

    The Global Tomato Congress in Rotterdam set the stage yesterday for the Prominent brand to announce its new campaign entitled 'We challenge you'. Perry Dekkers, Commercial Director at Coöperatie DOOR, talked about the challenge shared by all the links in the supply chain: having more consumers enjoy healthy delicious tomatoes on a daily basis.

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  • date 25 Oct 2019

    Prominent genomineerd voor de Tuinbouw Ondernemersprijs 2020

    Prominent is genomineerd voor de Tuinbouw Ondernemersprijs 2020! Vrijdag 25 oktober werden de genomineerden bekend gemaakt en wij zijn een van de drie genomineerde bedrijven. Echt TOP! De nominatie is al een erkenning, maar uiteraard hopen we op 8 januari 2020 de prijs in ontvangst te mogen nemen. Een bekroning op ons 25-jarig jubileum dat we volgend jaar vieren. We houden jullie op de hoogte.

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  • date 18 Sep 2019

    Sponsor of Global Tomato Congress 2019

    On Tuesday, 26 November, all the key players in the fresh produce sector that have anything to do with tomatoes will meet for the first edition of the Global Tomato Congress in Rotterdam. As expected, Prominent will serve as one of its sponsors. This conference is organised by Fruitnet, which also organises the annual Global Berry Congress. Three stages with over 40 speakers offer a variety of topics. And of course, there will be plenty of networking opportunities.

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  • date 10 Jul 2019

    Thrilling final in the Prominent Kids Food Challenge

    The time had finally come: the last cook-off in the Prominent Kids Food Challenge 2019. Last weekend, nine avid young chefs, with the support of a parent, came from places all over the Netherlands to compete for the prestigious title of Veggie Hero of 2019. The final cook-off on Sunday, 7 July was full of suspense. The kids didn't make it easy for the jury. But it was 11-year-old Robin who ultimately claimed the title.

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  • date 01 Jul 2019

    Prominent teeltbedrijven PlanetProof gecertificeerd

    De twee eigen teeltbedrijven van Prominent aan de Groeneweg in ’s-Gravenzande, zijn sinds 17 juni jl. ‘On the way to PlanetProof’ gecertificeerd. De Prominent bedrijven laten met het internationale keurmerk PlanetProof zien dat ze duurzaam produceren, met oog voor de directe omgeving en in balans met de aarde. Met het keurmerk voldoen de twee Prominentbedrijven aan bovenwettelijke eisen, onder andere op het gebied van gewasbeschermingsmiddelen.

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  • date 03 Jun 2019

    Coöperatie DOOR viert eerste paal van het nieuwe pand

    Coöperatie DOOR vierde woensdag 29 mei het slaan van de eerste paal van het nieuwe kantoor en verpakkingscentrum op het businesspark Honderland II te Maasdijk. Hierbij waren alle medewerkers, leden, bouwpartners en betrokkenen aanwezig. Tijdens het officiële gedeelte sprak Jack Groenewegen - voorzitter van DOOR – iedereen toe en werd de kracht van de samenwerking binnen DOOR, van het product én van onze toekomstige generatie symbolisch weergegeven. Daarna was het onder een stralende zon tijd voor een gezellig samenzijn onder het genot van een hapje en drankje.

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  • date 15 Apr 2019


    When talking about our top tomatoes for quality and taste, we simply have to include the Brioso. This tasty cocktail vine tomato with a fruit weigh of 40 grams is characterised by just the right balance of tart and sweet.

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  • date 15 Apr 2019


    As a consumer, have you ever been disappointed about the quality of fresh produce? An avocado that wasn't 'ready to eat', or a tomato without any flavour? Having an understanding of the flavour, quality and keeping quality of fresh products has never been so important. Innovative Fresh, a quality-monitoring company, provides us with objective and independently acquired data so that consumers can always enjoy a delicious tomato.

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  • date 07 Jan 2019


    Leading healthier lifestyles - including making conscious decisions about food - will continue as trends in 2019. But what are the trends that will bring about these healthier lifestyles in the year ahead?

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  • date 01 Oct 2018

    Be transparent and tell your story

    The need for information among consumers is increasing. More and more, they want to know who has made a product, where it comes from and what you can do with it. Consumers are also sensitive to the reputation of a product. In short, it is increasingly important to inform consumers as transparently and completely as possible. What does this mean for our tomatoes?

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