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  • date 04 Dec 2018

    ‘Healthy Choices’ Remain an Important Trend in 2019

    As in previous years, 2019 will be about healthy living and a conscious approach to food. More often, retailers will meet the individual needs of consumers and support them in making healthy choices. In this, technology and data are playing an increasingly important role. Both in collecting data and providing custom-solutions. The versatile vine tomato perfectly fits this healthy trend.

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  • date 05 Nov 2018

    Which Impact Does Brexit Have on The Fruit and Vegetable Sector?

    The impending Brexit on the 29th of March 2019 brings a lot of uncertainty for entrepreneurs who are doing business with the United Kingdom. With 600.000 lorries crossing the Canal each year, the UK is our most important trade partner after Germany. What happens when the UK leaves the European internal market and customs union, and free transport of fruit and vegetables is no longer an option?

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  • date 01 Oct 2018

    Be transparent and tell your story

    The need for information among consumers is increasing. More and more, they want to know who has made a product, where it comes from and what you can do with it. Consumers are also sensitive to the reputation of a product. In short, it is increasingly important to inform consumers as transparently and completely as possible. What does this mean for our tomatoes?

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  • date 29 Sep 2018

    Growers continue to grow

    To continue serving our retailers well by supplying a wide range of sustainably produced tomatoes: in short, this is our strategy for the future of Prominent tomatoes. Prominent's growers are realising this by such means as making the size of their company ready to meet future challenges. It's up to the growers themselves to determine a way to do this that best fits how they run their businesses.

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  • date 01 Oct 2018

    Stef talks about sustainable packaging

    I'm involved in all the marketing activities needed to create the right product/market combination. This includes for example conducting market research, analysing the performance of our tomatoes, and always looking for ways to improve our packages. It's all aimed at helping to support the sales team.

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  • date 10 Sep 2018

    Prominent brings the story behind its tomatoes to life

    Prominent Tomatoes has renewed a part of its website. In an entertaining way,it shows everything about the cultivation and supply of tomatoes. It's a colourful storyboard starring its own growers and employees. They show all the passion that goes into growing their tomatoes and how all their efforts are devoted to getting their tomatoes quickly, sustainably and safely onto the store's shelves.

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  • date 23 Aug 2018

    Urgent letter regarding the CO2 shortage

    The shortage of externally produced CO2 could be the biggest bottleneck to enhancing the sustainability measures taken by the greenhouse horticulture sector. For this reason, I recently sent an urgent letter on behalf of Prominent's growers to the Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and 25 other government agencies, companies and organisations involved in this issue.

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  • date 17 May 2018

    New DOOR building doubles Prominent’s packing capacity

    In 2019, a remarkable new DOOR building, which will also house growers’ association Prominent, will emerge along the A20, in the Netherlands. In the new building, the activities of the two current facilities for consumer-sized packaging will be merged into a single location and the office staff will also move in soon after. Thanks to fully automated packaging lines, 250 million packages with tomatoes will eventually find their way to the customer every year; a doubling of the current number.

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  • date 11 Apr 2018

    Prominent focuses on millennials

    In the third and last video in the series, Prominent gives a peek into the life of Bella. A girl who grew up in the city. She was born at the end of the '90s and became what she is today during the early years of the new millennium. 'Millennials like Bella make a conscious choice in favour of a healthy lifestyle. Her generation is one of the most influential ones in history and it's right at the point of determining how money will be spent in the coming years,' says marketing manager Wim van den Berg.

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  • date 22 Nov 2017

    Meet Laurens and discover his perfect start to the day

    Laurens stars in the second video in the advertising campaign for Prominent tomatoes. Laurens owns his own business and leads a busy life. To relax, he likes taking a morning run in a scenic area near his home. It's great to get outside for a bit and clear his head. Laurens feels fit and tries to eat healthy foods whenever he can.

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  • date 02 Nov 2017

    Prominent's new campaign spotlights shoppers

    Prominent Tomatoes is investing in shopper marketing and launching a series of video clips featuring the end user. 'Shopper marketing is enhancing the shopping experience and optimising sales results for both retailer and supplier', says Marketing Manager, Wim van den Berg. 'The latest clip has Femke in the leading role. She's a mother who chooses healthy food for her family.'

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  • Hoe trends invloed hebben op shoppers
    date 01 Nov 2017

    How trends affect shoppers

    So much is happening in the world when it comes to food. A number of global trends are meaning rapid changes in our food system and, in turn, our needs. Here are some of these important trends.

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