A Vine Tomato Is So Much More Than Just Red and Round!


A Vine Tomato Is So Much More Than Just Red and Round!

Our previous blog explained that consumers decide whether a product is successful or not. The same counts for the flavour of our vine tomatoes. Every two weeks, an independent taste panel reviews the taste and texture of our products. With this accurate knowledge and the experience of our growers, we can produce the perfect vine tomatoes; for every situation and every dish. Our tomatoes are so much more than just red and round!


To monitor the flavour of our products, Prominent uses a taste panel. Every two weeks, samples are being taken from our complete range of products, which are then reviewed by an independent party on characteristics such as taste and texture. This allows us to continuously chart the current value judgement of consumers instead of just meeting the requirements of large retailers.


How do you define elements like taste and texture when examining vegetables? For tomatoes, there are no fixed values similar to the ones that are used when tasting high-quality wines. In the fruit and vegetable sector, Prominent takes the lead and presents itself as a sommelier for tomatoes. With our extensive knowledge about the specific characteristics of various tomato varieties, Prominent can offer consumers expert advice when choosing the perfect tomato for a certain dish.

What about the acidity, sweetness, juiciness and texture of our tomato varieties? A perfect balance of these characteristics makes a vine tomato more attractive to consumers. Different varieties are great for different preparation methods. A fresh tomato soup needs juicy vine tomatoes, whereas a snacking tomato could use a little less juiciness; this would only make a mess while eating. A great ‘bite’ on the other hand, is important for snacking tomatoes, but not for tomatoes used in soups.


Sometimes, a vine tomato has the right taste but not the right texture. Then, our growers start looking for specific varieties with specific characteristics that could strengthen each other. This process of plant breeding can take years and should not be confused with genetic modification; our growers steer clear of those practices. But by using measurable science, they try to enhance the flavour of our vine tomatoes, so it always meets the current requirements of consumers.


Prominent even analyses the state of the various products after they are sold in the supermarket. Our guarantee in taste, texture and freshness does not end when our vine tomatoes exit our greenhouses. Even during transport, on display in the supermarket and in the kitchen of consumers, our vine tomatoes need to maintain their unique characteristics and great taste. The higher and more constant the quality, the bigger the chance that our products will be purchased again.

DOOR Partners / Prominent loves sharing its knowledge with clients and consumers. Curious to know how? We are keen to tell you more. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Wim van den Berg of DOOR Partners / Prominent: w.vandenberg@doorpartners.nl or +31 (0)6 5756 4346.

Prominent is a brand of the Grower Cooperative DOOR U.A. This organisation is responsible for the sales, marketing and quality control of the product.

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