• date 22 Nov 2017

    How Do Retailers Build Consumer Confidence…Now and In the Future?

    Why is one retailer successful and the other one is not? It has to do with economic and demographic influences among others, but especially with insight in consumers’ motives. Providing an adequate response and a clear store concept, both consumer confidence and revenue will increase. Read More!

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  • date 26 Oct 2017

    Do You Know What Motivates Consumers?

    Earlier, we mentioned the importance of understanding how shoppers purchase their groceries. But do you know how consumers – those seated around the dinner table or busy in the kitchen – act? Since this answer is just as important, we have started a campaign. The tips from this blog offer insight in what drives consumers.

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  • date 20 Sep 2017

    ‘Dutch agricultural sector has the lowest environmental impact in the world’

    Says Jan de Ruyter, agricultural sector banker at ABN Amro, responsible for the research on this topic. At Prominent, sustainability is also high on the agenda. Through smart solutions and the use of natural recourses, our growers have been producing tasty vine tomatoes for years.

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  • date 31 Aug 2017

    Are Regional Products Always Better Than Imported Products?

    What role does origin play when choosing a certain product? National marketing agencies make us believe that regional products are better than imported fruit and vegetables. But is this information correct and how do shoppers fit into this story?

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  • date 11 Aug 2017

    Would You Choose an Apple…Or a Mars Bar?

    Why do shoppers rather choose a Mars bar than an apple? Because they need a quick energy boost, a sweet treat or because sweet snacks are always strategically placed near check outs in stores, supermarkets and service stations? Every shopper has his own reasons. Insight in their motives allows us to cater to their needs more efficiently.

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  • date 31 Jul 2017

    An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away, Right?

    This English phrase, that was first recorded in 1922, does not have as much impact as it should have. Nowadays, shoppers prefer eating sugary and/or greasy snacks. But why? This blog analyses the various reasons behind this unhealthy trend.

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  • date 12 Jul 2017

    Studies Show: We Are Increasingly Eating Less Fruit and Vegetables

    Various types of shoppers have specific daily routines, including their eating habits. What about Millenials for example, young families or baby boomers? Which products fill their shopping carts? Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables? We are looking for answers with the help of a European study by GfK.

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  • date 21 Jun 2017

    Each Generation of Shoppers Speaks Its Own Language

    ‘Language’ can be seen in a broad sense here; in terms of values but also in the way in which shoppers buy their groceries. By communicating in a fitting way, via preferred platforms and media, similar products can become popular with different target groups

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  • date 12 Jun 2017

    Every Sales Channel Has a Story to Tell

    The number of sales channels keeps growing, but how do you make sure shoppers keep purchasing certain products? By gaining insight in why they choose a certain sales channel at certain moments and understanding its added value. Providing the right information and inspiration at the right place and time, makes shoppers arrive at the (online) check out with a full shopping cart.

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  • date 24 May 2017

    Get Out There, For More Insight and Inspiration!

    Why stay chained to your desk when you can connect with colleagues, retailers, shoppers and new target groups elsewhere? Getting out there offers the chance to expand your network and gain new knowledge. This information can then be used in targeted campaigns.

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