About Prominent

About Prominent

The Prominent growers produce the top tomato varieties all year round. With such a wide range, we offer the perfect tomato for every consumer. Our growers are also committed to ensuring that all those tomatoes reach your shelves as fresh, flavoursome and great looking as possible. And to achieve that, they work with numerous partners and with each other. Because together we’re strong.

Our mission and core values

As an innovative specialist in tomatoes, we are passionate about getting as many consumers as possible to enjoy our healthy, great tasting products every day. The growers who cultivate these products are leading producers of top-quality tomatoes.

Sustainably grown

At Prominent we use natural resources sparingly in the controlled greenhouse environment. We also work hard on reusing waste materials and aim to use 100% of the tomatoes we grow. We keep our impact on the climate as low as possible by taking innovative measures around renewable energy, using water sparingly, using natural crop protection and achieving a high yield per hectare. That’s why Dutch greenhouse tomatoes are the best choice when it comes to sustainability.

They don't come fresher than this

Prominent is your guarantee of top quality, hygiene and food safety. We don’t just keep a close eye on our tomatoes while they are in the greenhouse. They are checked again when they are ripe, mature and picked. And then? Then we get them out to your store as fast as possible. Packed just the way you want them, and super fresh.

Together for successful in-store sales

Here at Prominent, we believe in working together. And as providers of supply chain management, we work with all the links in the chain, from breeders and suppliers to retailers and customers. We focus our efforts on growing the very best varieties and also in understanding the needs of our partners – including the shopper. So we work together from greenhouse to fork.

Facts and figures

  • 51 growing sites
  • 275 million kg per year
  • Growing 11 varieties of tomatoes
  • More than 440 hectares under glass
  • 200 hectares of artificially lit greenhouses (48%)
  • 30 hectare innovation centre divided between three Prominent-owned growing sites
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