The leading specialist in tasty and sustainably grown tomatoes.

Prominent is the leading specialist in tasty and sustainably grown tomatoes. Our products are tailored to the needs of our customers, retailers and consumers. We have been a trendsetter in the field of successful collaboration and innovative entrepreneurship for more than 25 years.

  • Founded in 1995

    Seven growers started growing vine tomatoes and founded the Prominent growers' association, with a view to saving the image of Dutch tomatoes. In those days, Dutch tomatoes were anything but popular. Prominent growers wanted to turn the tide and distinguish themselves with tasty tomatoes. And they succeeded!

  • Growers


    The 27 growers of the Prominent brand produce the very best tomato varieties year-round, all at their own nurseries. The Growers United cooperative unburdens the group of growers by offering sales and marketing, joint packaging, collective purchasing, quality assurance, data management and initiating product development and innovations. This way, the growers can focus on cultivating the best tomatoes.

  • Growing sites


    As a tomato specialist with 422 hectares of tomatoes under glass, we have sufficient scale to operate flexibly and to continuously invest and innovate. Our growers are always on the lookout for optimisation of processes, cultivation, assortment, packaging and the organisation.

  • Production

    275 million kg per year

    The Prominent growers cultivate 10 different types of tomatoes, which together account for around 275 million kilos of tomatoes annually. 1 in 15 consumers in Europe enjoy our tomatoes every day. With such a wide range, we offer the perfect tomato for every consumer and every occasion.

  • Packaging company

    71 million kg per year

    Our tomatoes are packaged in consumer-size packs by the collective company, which all growers own jointly. This allows them to set up the process optimally, efficiently and at reasonable cost. Customers receive a tailor-made service and growers can focus on producing their tomatoes.

  • Innovation Centre

    30 ha

    The three jointly owned nurseries are used as a testing ground for innovations and to supplement product segments that are in high demand when these cannot be supplied by the members. This concerns innovations such as new varieties, new cultivation methods, alternative growing media and renewable energy sources.

    • Our mission

      As an innovative specialist in tomatoes, we are passionate about getting as many consumers as possible to enjoy our healthy, great tasting products every day. The growers who cultivate these products are leading producers of top-quality tomatoes.

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    • Doing business as a team

      Prominent stands for reliability, integrity and long-term relationships with its members, partners and suppliers. Collaboration is in the Prominent growers' DNA. Due to the members' close collaboration and high level of mutual trust, Prominent has been a leader in tomato production for 25 years. What's more, we won the Dutch Horticultural Entrepreneurship Prize in 2020.

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    • Sustainability

      We want to minimise the impact our crops and the rest of our operations have. The controlled and innovative environment in the greenhouse offers the perfect conditions for further sustainability. We use raw materials such as water, energy and crop protection products sparingly. We also work hard on reusing waste materials. We keep our impact on the climate as low as possible by taking innovative measures around renewable energy, using water sparingly, using natural crop protection and achieving a high yield per hectare.

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    • Quality and food safety

      Prominent is your guarantee of top quality, hygiene and food safety. We don’t just keep a close eye on our tomatoes while they are in the greenhouse. They are checked again when they are ripe, mature and picked. And then? Then we get them out to your store as fast as possible. Packed just the way you want them, and super fresh.

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In 2020, we celebrated our 25th anniversary. So it was that Jack Groenewegen, chairman of Prominent; Jan Opschoor, managing director of Prominent; and Perry Dekkers, Commercial Director at Growers United, left their offices behind for a cup of coffee and a chat with those who helped make Prominent what it is today. Their goal: to hear not just great stories but also dreams for a sunny future.

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Prominent is a product group within the cooperative Growers United; every member of Prominent is also a member of Growers United. This organisation is responsible for the sales and marketing of the product.