Tomato Times

Let's enjoy our tomatoes any time of the day

Our strategy focuses on the consumers themselves. Let's stimulate the growth of the fresh produce department by activating shoppers, especially at times when it had not yet occurred to them to eat tomatoes. Inspire them with healthy and nutritious tomato dishes that are ready in no time. From
a morning boost to a late night snack, from a mid-day salad to finger food. There's a tomato for any time of day.

So, together we face the challenge of having more consumers enjoy our tomatoes at various times throughout the day. More enjoyment, more vitamins and more energy.

Which healthy choice are you going to make first?


Here you find the recipes and preparations of the tomato dishes from the commercial. More inspiration? Check out all our recipes. Enjoy your meal!

Activate the shopper to consume tomatoes at unexpected moments

With breakfast, for example. Curious about the positive effects?


Tomato Times Challenge 2022

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