Our Kids Food Challenge Tastes Like More

What’s more fun than spending time in the kitchen with your mum and dad? Participating in the Prominent Kids Food Challenge 2019. Last month, the first edition of this cooking competition took place and, both for Prominent and our partners, it certainly tastes like more!

Robin crowned Vegetable Hero 2019

In the final, hosted by Dutch presenter Klaas van Kruistrum, nine young contestants competed for the title of Vegetable Hero 2019. Robin took home the trophy because the expert jury – including Big Green Egg master chef Michel Lambermon and children’s cookbook author Laura Emmelkamp – found her scrumptious snack and spooky pizza not only the most fun, but also the most flavoursome.

What is learned in the cradle lasts till the grave

Why would Prominent organise a cooking competition for young chefs? Because cooking together is not only great fun, it can also encourage families to start serving more healthy dishes. Through their enthusiasm, children can inspire parents to use fresh produce more often. And what is learned in the cradle lasts till the grave. When children experience that healthy cooking is terrific and tasty, they are more inclined to choose healthy products in the future.

The versatile vine tomato, a tasty option

During the Prominent Kids Food Challenge, the expert jury was impressed with the high-quality dishes and innovative ideas of the contestants. Having fun and being creative in the kitchen helps develop a child’s palate. Through events like these, Prominent is looking to create young ambassadors that inspire others to start using fresh produce. And the versatile tomato should be on anyone’s shopping list.

Prominent is now hungry for more

After the great success of this first edition, Prominent is hungry for more. Next to the Kids Food Challenge, we will organise other events in the future to inspire new target groups to start using fresh produce. Think of a Vegan Food Challenge, for example. Together with the perfect partners, Prominent aims encourage as many consumers as possible to have a go themselves and have fun in the kitchen.

Watch a video report on the Kids Food Challenge here.

DOOR Partners / Prominent is hungry for more. And you? Curious to know more about our products and product development? Do not hesitate to get in touch with Wim van den Berg of DOOR Partners / Prominent: or +31 (0)6 5756 4346.

The sales, marketing and quality control of Prominent tomatoes are handled by Door Partners B.V. This sales subsidiary forms part of the Grower Cooperative DOOR U.A.

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