‘Healthy Choices’ Remain an Important Trend in 2019


‘Healthy Choices’ Remain an Important Trend in 2019

As in previous years, 2019 will be about healthy living and a conscious approach to food. More often, retailers will meet the individual needs of consumers and support them in making healthy choices. In this, technology and data are playing an increasingly important role. Both in collecting data and providing custom-solutions. The versatile vine tomato perfectly fits this healthy trend.

Less Additives, More Conscious Choices

Consumers are increasingly conscious of their health and nutrition. You can practice sports on a daily basis, but if your diet does not correspond to this, the results will remain disappointing. The food industry and retailers react to this by offering more fresh, healthy and sustainable alternatives.

Products containing less additives like sugar, salt and E-numbers, for example. Or new healthy varieties of popular products like pizza – think of cauliflower or beet crust pizza –, white bread and pasta – in the shape of gluten free or whole wheat and spelt varieties –, and dairy and meet – as plant-based or vegetarian options.

Shoppers regularly choose products with a greater nutritional value or more flavour. Therefore, producers and retailers have expanded this range in the past years, not in the least because it has proven to be a profitable segment.

Technology and Data for ‘On Demand’ Solutions

The way in which retailers support shoppers in making healthy choices not only relates to the product range, but also how relevant information and inspiration is being presented. Now that ‘on demand’ options are gaining popularity, retailers cannot lag behind. With services like 24/7 online shopping, smart suggestions via (social) media and special apps focusing on product information and nutritional value, shoppers are individually served. A win-win situation in which shoppers are personally assisted and retailers get access to valuable information.

More Fresh Produce via Fresh Food Boxes and Prepared Vegetables

Another way in which retailers offer a helping hand are their fresh meal solutions as a healthy alternative to the standard ready meals. Fresh food boxes that are delivered to your doorstep on a weekly basis for example, or a variety of prepared vegetables that enable shoppers to serve a fresh soup in the same amount of time as it would take to heat up a ready-made soup from a tin.

Versatile Vine Tomatoes to Use Anytime

Our vine tomatoes perfectly fit this healthy trend: bursting with vitamins, no additives and sustainably grown. They can be used in any diet and eaten at any time. Served grilled next to eggs for breakfast, in a soup or salad for lunch, in various pasta and oven dishes for dinner and as a healthy snack in between meals. There is a specific variety for every dish. In 2019, it remains important to inform and inspire retailers and shoppers about the versatility of our products.

DOOR Partners / Prominent keeps inspiring retailers and shoppers. Curious to know how? We are keen to tell you more. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Wim van den Berg of DOOR Partners / Prominent: w.vandenberg@doorpartners.nl or +31 (0)6 5756 4346.

The sales, marketing and quality control of Prominent tomatoes are handled by Door Partners B.V. This sales subsidiary forms part of the Grower Cooperative DOOR U.A.

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