English government uses legislation to encourage a healthy lifestyle

29 Aug 2022

To stop the rising trend of childhood obesity, retailers are no longer allowed to offer unhealthy products in prominent places or through volume discounts.

To stop the growing trend of obesity among children, the English government is about to introduce new legislation that holds retailers accountable for their actions. Unhealthy products are no longer allowed to be presented in prominent places or promoted via volume price deals. A great first step, but which alternatives can be offered instead? You can encourage a healthy lifestyle in many ways, after all. This blog discusses several inspiring examples.

One in four English children suffers from obesity

The number of people being (severely) overweight has been increasing over the years. Children too, are diagnosed with obesity more often. In England, one in four children is obese by the time they are leaving primary school. To stop this unhealthy trend, the English government is about to introduce new legislation. It uses drastic measures to force retailers to restrict the promotion of products high in fat, sugar, and salt.

Personal responsibility is being encouraged

It is up to retailers to classify a product as ‘high in fat, sugars and salt,’ and therefore the responsibility is entirely theirs. If, on the other hand, their decision appears to be based on misleading information, the producer or manufacturer of these products will be held accountable and will be served an improvement notice by the English government.

When a retailer or producer is in violation, they are notified and encouraged to make improvements within 28 days. If, however, the retailer or producer fails to comply, local authorities have the power to impose hefty penalties.

Legislation – currently – consists of three parts

The new legislation differentiates between the placement of the products – in-store as well as online – and volume price deals. The first part of this law – location – will come into effect in October 2022, the second – multibuys and extra free – is scheduled for October 2023. Restrictions related to marketing campaigns and advertising will most likely be implemented in January 2024.

Taking immediate action after the first healthy step

Implementing these new rules and regulations is a great (and healthy) first step. But which alternatives can be used to make those – similarly important – step two and even three? Through restricting the promotion of unhealthy products, retailers are given a chance to present healthy options instead, such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

Inspiring consumers in many ways

To stimulate shoppers to make healthy decisions, Sainsbury’s introduced the Great Fruit & Veg Challenge three years ago. With this annual campaign, the retailer aims to stimulate consumers to eat their ‘five a day’. Sainsbury’s does this by offering extra Nectar points for every purchase containing fresh fruit and vegetables. And they drive their Vegfast Van to their stores, to inspire consumers with healthy meals and recipes.

Promintent too, often takes their Tomato Times Truck on a tour, to enthuse consumers. And with our Tomato Times Challenge we challenge them to make minor adjustments leading to huge steps towards a (more) healthy lifestyle. Through food swaps for example, that offer healthy alternatives for well-known (unhealthy) options.

Albert Heijn has the mission Eating better, which is based on three pillars; Eating better is living better – focusing on a healthy lifestyle – Eating better unites – focusing on the social aspect of eating together – and Eating better for a better planet – that centralises sustainable choices and an improved climate. With this mission, the retailer aims to make good food available for everyone.

Growers United / Prominent has been stimulating retailers and shoppers for years in making healthy food choices. Curious to know how we can be of help? Do not hesitate to get in touch with Wim van den Berg of Growers United / Prominent: w.vandenberg@growersunited.nl of +31 (0)6 5756 4346.

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