Coaching consumers into a healthier lifestyle

05 Jan 2022

During the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, making healthy food choices is extra important. What are the WHO, several European countries and some retailers doing to promote a healthy lifestyle?

During the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, making healthy food choices is extra important. Not only the World Health Organisation (WHO) advises consumers to eat more fruit and vegetables, several European countries also assist shoppers in making the right decisions. In addition, some retailers have recently launched a coaching app, to stimulate consumers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Curious to know which role our tomatoes play in all this?

WHO and seven European countries promote healthy food choices

The WHO advises consumers to eat at least 400 grammes or five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. Not only does this means adding more fruit and vegetables to main meals, but also choosing them as a snack. The WHO also indicates that a wide variety of fruit and vegetables contains the most nutrients and that seasonal products are the preferred choice.

Next to the advice of the WHO, seven European countries – the Benelux, Germany, France, Spain, and Sweden – have agreed to introduce the Nutri-Score in the near future. Through using this ‘traffic light’ that will appear on packaging, they intend to assist consumers in making healthier food choices. When shopping, multiple products can be compared in one go. A dark green A stands for the healthiest combination within a product group, whereas a dark orange E reflects the unhealthiest combination.

Pro-active coaching apps launched by several retailers

Retailers too, are increasingly focusing on the health of consumers. Not only will they display products including a Nutri-Score, but some retailers also try to actively coach consumers towards making healthier food choices. Dutch supermarkets Jumbo and Albert Heijn both developed an app, to advise and inspire their customers on a daily basis.

Jumbo presents the ‘Foodcoach’, where consumers can choose easy, yet healthier meals or weekly menus tailored to a personal exercise plan. Albert Heijn recently launched the ‘Food First Lifestyle Coach’. This app has been developed in collaboration with several chefs, doctors, nutritionists, and sports coaches and offers, amongst others, multiple challenges to stimulate healthier eating habits.

Tomatoes perfectly fit this recent health trend

For many years, Prominent has been an advocate of a healthy and varied eating pattern. Through campaigns, events, videos, and blogs, we stimulate and inspire consumers to add more tomatoes to their main meals and snacks. Due to its healthy properties and many nutrients, the tomato can be seen as star player in a wide range of dishes as well as in smart snacks. In 2022 too, numerous campaigns and events are scheduled, where convenient suggestions seduce consumers in making healthy food choices.

Growers United / Prominent has been focusing on healthy and convenient options for years. Curious to learn more about our tasty suggestions? Do not hesitate to get in touch with Wim van den Berg of Growers United / Prominent: of +31 (0)6 5756 4346.

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Activate the shopper to consume tomatoes at unexpected moments

With breakfast, for example. Curious about the positive effects?