Current trends in the fruit and vegetable sector: price conscious and premium range

13 Jul 2022

What are the developments in the retail sector, as the world is changing faster and faster? How does inflation affect consumer behaviour?

What are the developments in the retail sector with a world that is rapidly changing? Which influence do international issues – like the increasing inflation – have on consumer behaviour? Laurens Sloot, professor Entrepreneurship in the retail industry at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and CEO/Founder of the EFMI Business School, spots two emerging trends in which two opposites both play a leading role. Curious to know how retailers should approach this?

Fruit and vegetable section as destination category, at discounters and premium retailers

The first trend that Laurens Sloot discusses is the unprecedented popularity of international discounters. This trend remains visible and will even expand, due to the current inflation. Noteworthy is the position of the fruit and vegetable section as a destination category. Which means that consumers will visit a supermarket specifically for its fruit and vegetable section.

Something that also adds to the popularity of fruit and vegetables is the location this section has within a supermarket’s layout. Fresh fruit and vegetables are often the first products shoppers see when entering a store. A real boost for our sector. To encourage consumers to fill their basket with fresh produce, an appealing presentation is crucial. Think of attractively laid out displays, appropriate lighting, and convincing in-store communication.

The difference between budget shoppers and convenience consumers

Another reason to visit a specific retailer is charging a low retail price for fruit and vegetables. Next to this, Laurens Sloot spots an equally important emerging trend. Opposite price conscious shoppers, a second group of consumers is looking for more quality and convenience. This can be found in premium, locally and artisanally produced products, for example.

What is more, this group prefers to have their super fresh produce delivered to their doorstep. Because online shopping remains just as popular as when the COVID-19 pandemic started. Another form of convenience is having their ready-made meals delivered. Regardless of the international inflation, these consumers do not seem willing to save (much) on this service either.

How can retailers keep reaching both target groups?

Will retailers not get torn between the two target audiences? How can they best approach these extremes? By always meeting the expectations of every consumer. With the fruit and vegetable section now being a destination category, the quality of fresh produce should be continuously guaranteed. Regardless of shoppers having access to a small or big budget. For retailers, it is crucial to keep offering a wide range of products and therefore, not only focus on cheaper items but also on more exclusive options. Through communicating this with consumers – via various media as well as in store – they can keep attracting a wide audience.

Only focussing on low retail prices is never a good idea. This increases the chance of so-called quality erosion of fruit and vegetable products. Something which could ultimately lead to consumers choosing to shop at competition instead. To prevent this scenario from happening, it is smart to sit down with suppliers and create a suitable plan together. Through continuously presenting a wide range of products, you ultimately reach all target groups; from shoppers with a small budget to those willing to spend more.

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