Consumer marketing: from intuition to insight

31 May 2023

Prominent is at the forefront of internationally oriented shopper research, for example, using surveys. But do the answers resulting from these actually reflect reality?

Prominent is at the forefront of internationally oriented shopper research, for example, using surveys But do the answers resulting from these actually reflect reality? To get a complete picture of what drives consumers and also take their unconscious choices into account, Prominent has established a partnership with Unravel Research; a professional party focusing on neuromarketing. On May 16th, co-founder Tim Zuidgeest presented several fascinating insights at the Global Tomato Congress in Rotterdam. Curious to know which ones? Read more in our latest blog!

Prominent at the forefront of shopper research

Not only in the Netherlands, but also in Germany, the United Kingdom and Poland does Prominent measure shopper behaviour. Which decisions do shoppers make, at which moment, and why? The answers to such questions help Prominent continuously meet the needs of their consumers. That being said, some methods prove to not be as fail-proof as expected. Sometimes, consumers will make a different decision at the moment suprême than what they might have previously mentioned in the survey. This could be caused for example, by a sensory overload at the store which triggers an impulsive response in the brain.

Important conscious and unconscious factors in the purchasing process

It takes the average consumer just 9 seconds to decide whether or not to purchase a product. In this short timeframe, various neurological processes are taking place. To map this out, Prominent recently teamed up with Unravel Research. These experts in neuromarketing, investigate unconscious processes taking part in the brain. This helps decide what does and does not work when trying to nudge consumers towards a sale. Such science-based findings help Prominent in adequately assisting their clients in their marketing.

Presentation about neuromarketing at the Global Tomato Congress

Like previous years, Prominent was sponsor of the Global Tomato Congress in Rotterdam. On May 16th Tim Zuidgeest, co-founder van Unravel Research, was invited to present various fascinating insights captioned Marketing with Brains. Which influence, for example, does white or black packaging have on the buying behaviour of consumers? And does mentioning sustainability have a positive influence on the purchasing process? And which words will or will not convince consumers to purchase a product?

Tim Zuidgeest showed that consumers unconsciously find black packaging more attractive than white. Which is why they are more likely to buy tomatoes that are presented in black packaging. Surprisingly enough, research reveals that mentioning sustainability does not trigger consumers into purchasing certain products. So, using the right words is important, something that also applies to descriptions in which negative terms play a role. Take ‘no artificial additives’ or ‘lower CO2 emission’ for example. Apparently, consumers have a hard time registering words like ‘no’ and ‘lower’, leaving ‘artificial additives’ and ‘CO2 emission’; the opposite of what is tried to be said. In contrast, positive descriptions do stimulate sales. Think of ‘tasty snacking tomatoes’, or other words referring to high-quality and great-tasting products.

Science-based advice to nudge shoppers into the right direction

Prominent gladly gives its clients well-founded advice. Next to internationally oriented shopper research, our new partnership with Unravel Research creates a new impulse. With the insights derived from neuromarketing, we can offer our clients science-based practical tools. Neurological research provides insight in the viewing habits and buying behaviour of shoppers. Too many sensory stimuli have an adverse effect; the confusion that follows could even lead to refraining from purchasing anything at all. Try informing and inspiring shoppers through appealing packaging and a clear message. There should be no doubt that the products on display are worth purchasing.

Growers United / Prominent gladly shares its science-based knowledge and insights. Curious to know how we can assist you in your marketing? Do not hesitate to get in touch with Wim van den Berg of Growers United / Prominent: or +31 (0)6 5756 4346.

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