Challenging times call for new perspectives in the supply chain

05 Jul 2023

Last month, Growers United was present at the annual World of Private Label in Amsterdam. Curious about the insights?

Last month, Growers United was present at the annual World of Private Label in Amsterdam. This international trade show is organised by PLMA, an association representing more than 4000 member manufacturers around the globe. For two days, retail buyers and private-label suppliers connect, to discuss the current status of the industry and focus on various key points that are crucial when planning our future. Curious to learn more about the insights? Find out in our latest blog!

Horizon scanning instead of long-term planning

With so many external factors constantly changing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict what will happen in the next years or next months even. This creates tension and calls for flexible solutions from both suppliers and retailers. As although the conventional arrangement between these two parties might feel comfortable, it is unlikely to stand the test of time. If we want to adequately tackle the (global) challenges that our industry is currently facing, we should invest in sustainable collaborations.

To secure a successful future, creating a traditional long-term plan is no longer advisable. Due to the rapidly changing circumstances, so-called horizon scanning is a great alternative though. This process proves to be an effective method to understand current market dynamics, spot early trends as well as red flags and improve resilience and preparedness.

Current market situation calls for new value equation

With the former value equation – price and quality – no longer reflecting today’s tendency, other factors should also be considered. Think of sustainability for example. Even before the global pandemic occurred, responsibility in taking climate action was already high on the agenda. And reducing one’s carbon footprint and focusing on sustainable alternatives still is a major topic for both suppliers and retailers. In addition, on-shelf availability is also an important factor. During the pandemic and more recently, due to developments like the global inflation and its consequences, empty shelves were a common sight.

To prevent situations like these, investing in an efficient and ethical supply chain is crucial. Adapting to changing circumstances is never easy. It calls for a flexible attitude, innovative solutions, and determination. Yet, only when all parties involved work together towards one common goal, can the supply chain as a whole thrive in today’s turbulent market.

Growers United / Prominent always keeps an eye on the latest developments within the supply chain. Curious to know how our market knowledge can help strengthen your business? Do not hesitate to get in touch with Wim van den Berg of Growers United / Prominent: of +31 (0)6 5756 4346.

Prominent is a brand of Growers United UA. This organisation is responsible for the sales, marketing, and quality control of the product.

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