Prominent launches its new campaign: 'We challenge you'

The Global Tomato Congress in Rotterdam set the stage yesterday for the Prominent brand to announce its new campaign entitled 'We challenge you'. Perry Dekkers, Commercial Director at Coöperatie DOOR, talked about the challenge shared by all the links in the supply chain: having more consumers enjoy healthy delicious tomatoes on a daily basis.

'Our “We challenge you” campaign isn't just about us, but about you as well. After all, we have a shared goal,' said Perry at the start of his presentation. 'Together, we face the challenge of having more consumers enjoy our tomatoes at various times throughout the day. More enjoyment, more vitamins and more energy. In short, a healthier life. It's a great mission that we've summed up in one simple sentence: We challenge you!’

Join our challenge
Prominent is challenging not only its growers and partners to get its tomatoes into retail locations while they're as fresh, delicious and attractive as possible. 'Supermarkets can't ignore this challenge either', said Perry. 'With this campaign, we'll continue to communicate our shared mission.'

Future generations
For Prominent, the main focus is on future generations: millennials, young families and children. Which trends apply to them, and how do shoppers behave in the fresh produce department in the supermarket? What conveniences and flavours are they looking for? 'We want to share these insights with our partners so all of us can make the world a healthier place to live. Join our challenge!’

Watch the campaign video

Prominent is a brand of the Grower Cooperative DOOR U.A. This organisation is responsible for the sales, marketing and quality control of the product.

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