Prominent Group Cooperative wins 2020 Horticulture Entrepreneur Prize

Prominent, an innovative specialist in tomatoes, was presented with the 2020 Horticulture Entrepreneur Prize during a festive event held on Wednesday, 8 January at Keukenhof in Lisse, The Netherlands. This makes Prominent the horticulture entrepreneur of the year. The jury declared that this organisation, which began as a growers' association, has now become an enterprising cooperative whose members are also shareholders. These 29 members thus profit from both the cooperative's shared investments and their own companies. As one of the brands of Coöperatie DOOR, the tomatoes supplied by the Prominent growers now have such a strong position in the European market that an increasing number of consumers are enjoying these healthy products on a daily basis.

According to the jury, Prominent's well-considered vision and the exemplary role the company plays with respect to its new forms of cooperation, its sustainability agenda for the coming years, and its initiatives for the 'Young Potential Programme' justify referring to it as one of the sector's true gems and an inspiration for many entrepreneurs. Prominent operates completely in its growers' interests and contributes to ensuring its members' future. Based on an independent market position, the company (along with Coöperatie DOOR) is committed to obtaining a good return for both its shareholders – the growers – and its partners and customers.

Jack Groenewegen, chairman of Prominent: 'Due to the members' collaboration and high level of mutual trust, Prominent has been a leader in tomato production for 25 years. To ensure a safe future, each of the members' companies has to keep developing and professionalising its activities in order to serve its customers effectively. Accomplishing this continues to require a certain scale as well as strong management. We will also pursue this path for the next 25 years.'

Jan Opschoor, managing director at Prominent: 'Winning this prestigious award is a significant achievement for both our employees and our members. It's also a sign that we're working productively on our own development as well as our development within Coöperatie DOOR. Prominent is looking forward to its role as an ambassador for the sector in the coming year.' Together with DOOR's other fruit vegetable brands, a new building is being constructed. Its use will start being phased in as of the middle of this year.

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