• date 22 Mar 2017

    More Sales Channels to Reach Shoppers

    Shoppers use new sales channels to buy their everyday groceries. The market offers an increasing amount of options to meet their individual needs. Shoppers can be guided in this changing sales context, especially in the direction of convenience products.

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  • date 09 Mar 2017

    Minor Changes, Major Effect!

    In the past weeks, we have been analysing our Shopper Model. The time has come put this useful tool into action. This blog shows how you can easily inspire various target groups to add a little extra to their daily routine.

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  • date 06 Feb 2017

    Launch of 'Delicious outside the refrigerator' campaign

    Most people put the tomatoes they just bought straight into the refrigerator, but this isn't very sensible. Few consumers are acquainted with the advice not to refrigerate tomatoes. 'The highest time for a focused campaign,' Wim van den Berg, Marketing Manager, informs us. 'Our campaign will include the distribution of brochures and stickers, as well as calling on all of our supply chain partners to pass on the message.'

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  • date 17 Feb 2017

    How to Successfully Sell Your Products

    This last episode in our series about the Shopper Model discusses ‘The Product’. Successfully selling your products starts with understanding shoppers as well as the items that are on display. This knowledge allows you to produce effective communication that appeals to shoppers and helps them choose the right products.

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  • date 02 Feb 2017

    Fruit and Vegetables as Ambassadors of a Store Concept

    Do you choose unprocessed, prepared, or ready-made products? The range of fruit and vegetables keeps expanding and creates more revenue. Therefore, it is the perfect category to add character to a store concept. Part three in our series about the Shopper Model discusses ‘the category’.

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  • date 03 Jan 2017

    Celebrate the Good Life in 2017

    The month of January usually stands for restriction. People limit their food intake for example, or their spending. We think life is worth celebrating. When you make conscious decisions, you can enjoy great food, drinks and company all year round.

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  • date 15 Dec 2016

    How to Stand Out from The Crowd

    What makes people chose a certain store to buy their groceries? Its convenient location? Or the pleasant shopping experience? How do shops stand out from the crowd? The answers can be found in our blog about the second stage of our Shopper Model: The Shop.

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  • date 29 Nov 2016

    Focus on The Small Moments of Happiness

    How do you keep consumers inspired after the festive month of December? By focussing on the little moments of joy in everyday life. We discuss how to achieve this and how modern shoppers need an individual approach instead of being placed into a fixed target group. This blog describes the first segment of our Shopper Model: The Consumer.

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  • date 15 Nov 2016

    The Shopper Model: An Effective Tool

    What turns a good vine tomato into a great vine tomato? Presenting it at the right time, at the right place, to the right shoppers. How is this done? Our Shopper Model will guide you, as it provides crucial insight in the four stages of their purchasing process. Fully understanding their needs is vital when aiming to increase sales.

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  • date 01 Nov 2016

    Prominent presents new ‘I feel good’ concept

    Last week, food bloggers from Germany were invited to Prominent’s ‘Tasty Room’ to immerse themselves in the world of tomatoes. They tested and experienced our tomatoes. And the bloggers got a scoop! Project manager Ivette Ouweleen introduced them to the new ‘I feel good’ concept, which focuses on the moment of use.

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