The Power Of A Multi Channel Strategy

Consumers increasingly use multiple sales channels to buy their groceries. When retailers respond adequately, they can keep supplying their consumers with fresh products, meeting their needs anytime and anywhere. Convenience products are the future.

A Specific Sales Channel For Every Need

Next to shopping at regular supermarkets and specialty shops, products are purchased online more often, after which they are delivered or can be picked up at special pick-up points. Smaller to-go supermarkets or food services present convenience products for on the go and concept stores – focusing on a particular item or theme – are frequented on other occasions. Experiencing freshness – seeing, smelling and tasting fresh produce – gets particularly highlighted at food services and concept stores.

Dutch Jumbo Supermarket And Its Multi Channel Strategy

Nowadays, an increasing amount of retailers present their products via multiple channels: the multi channel strategy. Dutch supermarket Jumbo not only serves its consumers via local supermarkets or the online store – including its delivery service and pick up points – but also via concept stores such as the ‘Food Market’ with its beautifully presented wide range of products and including a ‘Food Market Café’ serving coffee and delicious treats to its consumers.

The Cross-Pollination Across Jumbo And La Place

With its acquisition of ‘La Place’ – a popular Dutch food service – Jumbo enables new cross-pollinations. The original Jumbo supermarket and its online store are selling several La Placeproducts such as coffee and chocolates for example. And its most recent concept store ‘Jumbo City’ – a compact store close to Eindhoven train station – is selling groceries as well
as fresh convenience food straight from their private kitchen and bakery. At just a couple of square feet, Jumbo supermarket, the Food Market and La Place are jointly presented.

Concept Stores And Its Products Meeting Specific Needs

Retailers can only become successful when it is clear to consumers where they can buy their groceries at any moment. Retailers should adapt their concept stores and its products to the specific needs of their consumers; whether this is a relaxing shopping trip in the weekend, a few quick groceries on your way home or a delicious coffee and a treat at the train station.

Some sales channels are closely linked to time, trend and place; these concepts will continuously change. But when the focus remains on consumers’ needs and retailers keep adequately responding, they will always be successful at selling their (fresh) products.

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The sales, marketing and quality control of Prominent tomatoes are handled by Door Partners B.V. This sales subsidiary forms part of the Grower Cooperative DOOR U.A.

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