More About Premium Products

Throughout Europe we see an expanding range of premium quality convenience products. Shoppers’ increasing knowledge of healthy ingredients means they will no longer be satisfied with a basic cheese sandwich. Retailers grab the opportunity to present tasty alternatives, which reflect their store’s concept.

Premium Products: Supply and Demand

Today’s shoppers are experts when it comes to healthy and tasty food. Cookbooks, TV shows and social media keep them informed on the latest developments. Retailers can adapt to this by presenting products that meet their high expectations. Shoppers are no longer dependent on delicatessen or local stores, since supermarkets are expanding their range too.

Inspiration with Special Ingredients

A to-go supermarket cannot offer a basic cheese sandwich, as it needs to continually inspire its shoppers. Nowadays, retailers are using premium ingredients to guarantee great taste and quality. They jump on the band wagon of healthy superfoods and organic, vegetarian and vegan ingredients. Here, the emphasis also lies on convenience: fresh pre-cut products or ready-meals of excellent quality.

Several Selections for Specific Shoppers

The product range of different concept stores perfectly matches their shoppers’ demands. A small-scale shop in the city centre will mostly present premium quality convenience products, to meet the expectations and budget of their target group. Whereas a larger supermarket in the suburbs will focus on families and offer products that are great value for money.

Are you inspired by our words and would you like to know how you can effectively reach your shoppers? Do not hesitate to get in touch with Wim van den Berg from DOOR Partners/Prominent: or +31 (0)6 5756 4346.

The sales, marketing and quality control of Prominent tomatoes are handled by Door Partners B.V. This sales subsidiary forms part of the Grower Cooperative DOOR U.A.

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