Increase in consumer confidence due to easing of COVID-19 restrictions

Consumer confidence increases as vaccinating is in full swing and more COVID-19 restrictions are being eased. The Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) discusses these and other insights in its Shopper Confidence Index, published in April 2021. Even though the publication focuses on developments in the United Kingdom (UK), these insights can be considered a prediction for the rest of Europe. What can the European market expect? And what should we, as fruit and vegetable sector, look out for?

More lockdown easing, more consumer confidence

With the vaccination programme in full swing, and further easing of COVID-19 restrictions, consumers are becoming more positive. Their economic confidence grows, and this influences the amount (and type) of purchases and corresponding (increased) spending. Due to further easing of the restrictions and a recovering economy, many consumers expect a financial gain in the coming year. This particularly counts for people with a permanent employment contract, a fixed salary and/or savings. those who do not have all this are less hopeful.

Not only price but quality remains important too

Last year, at the start of the pandemic, consumer confidence experienced a severe blow and consumers were more cautious of their purchases and spending, today, we notice an upward trend. This means that the focus no longer only lies on the price of products, but on the quality too. A great reminder for discounters; do not just advertise low prices, but also make sure the quality of your products is on point. Only then will customers, particularly those with a bigger budget, keep returning when the economy further recovers.

Need to stay alert despite cautious optimism

Despite the cautious optimism, the fruit and vegetable sector should stay alert. Negative news concerning COVID-19 will immediately have its effect on their economic confidence, particularly on those with smaller budgets. And this influences the amount (and type) of purchases and corresponding (increased) spending. Sustainable stability may still be too far off, but we can approach the future with a more positive attitude than one year ago.

Growers United / Prominent continuously keeps a finger on the pulse. Curious to know how we keep guaranteeing a great price and quality? Do not hesitate to get in touch with Wim van den Berg of Growers United / Prominent: of +31 (0)6 5756 4346.

Prominent is a brand of Growers United UA. This organisation is responsible for the sales, marketing and quality control of the product.

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