Prominent’s ‘Tasty Room’ inspires visitors

What better place to enjoy a tomato than where it was grown? Many people have done just that. Prominent’s ‘Tasty Room’ stimulates all the senses. ‘After a guided tour through our production facility on Groeneweg in the Dutch town of ’s-Gravenzande, it’s time to see tomatoes in a retail produce display and taste them, too’, says marketing manager, Wim van den Berg.

Purchasing and sales agents in the fresh produce sector or people employed by a supermarket chain are usually busy all day long with their everyday concerns or meetings at the office. ‘Recently, Prominent/DOOR Partners set aside a room to take them out of this mindset, if just for a little while. A place to get together, create the perfect produce display, taste tomatoes, and “talk tomatoes” with each other.’

The perfect retail display
‘When you work together with your partners on arriving at the right category strategy, everyone benefits’, says Wim. ‘That’s why we think it’s so important to share our ideas about the perfect produce display with our customers. We can also present a customised display designed specifically for a specific business concept.’ And we even serve up our tomatoes to put our customers in the consumer’s shoes. It’s all part of the “Tasty Room” experience’. ‘Our chefs use the recipes in our recipe fan to prepare absolutely wonderful dishes featuring our tomatoes.’

A tasty match
Not only is the range of products diverse, but so are the ways they can be used in food preparation. ‘So it’s high time to lend retailers and consumers a hand’, says Wim. ‘This season, we’re introducing something special to promote our brand: a recipe fan we call “A Tasty Match”. Sharing recipes is nothing new, but this series of unique combinations of ingredients featuring vine tomatoes really is.’ It inspires consumers and helps them choose the ingredients they have to buy to prepare a simple yet temptingly delicious dish. But the recipe fan is also a useful tool for retailers. It provides them with new insights into their category strategy and with good ideas for promotional activities and food tastings for their shoppers.’

More information?
For more information about Prominent, visit or contact Wim van den Berg at For tasty recipes using Prominent vine tomatoes, visit

Caption: Chefs prepare dishes demonstrating special combinations that include tomatoes.

The sales, marketing and quality control of Prominent tomatoes are handled by Door Partners B.V. This sales subsidiary forms part of the Grower Cooperative DOOR U.A.

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