More Sales Channels to Reach Shoppers

Shoppers use new sales channels to buy their everyday groceries. The market offers an increasing amount of options to meet their individual needs. Shoppers can be guided in this changing sales context, especially in the direction of convenience products.

More Choice for Shoppers

The number of locations and moments when shoppers can be influenced increases. Where local suppliers and regular supermarkets used to be the only options, they can now choose between XL supermarkets, express or local supermarkets, pick up points for online orders, airports with shopping and dining facilities, train stations and petrol stations with elaborate services and (roadside) restaurants.

More Room for Snacks

Today’s shoppers have a different daily routine, something that is reflected in their eating habits. Instead of having a large meal three times a day, there now is more room for snacks. Retailers quickly adapt to this by stimulating snacking and sales opportunities. They often offer convenience products: from ready meals, prepared salads and pre-cut vegetables, to deli-sandwiches and drinks.

More Sales Channels: A European Trend

The trend to reach shoppers through various sales channels is visible throughout Europe. Small-scale supermarkets in city centres offer a growing selection of convenience products, whereas XL supermarkets in the suburbs offer a broad range of products. Shoppers also find convenience online. Instead of planning their weekly shopping trip on a Saturday, they can now order online 24/7 and choose a convenient time to pick up their groceries or have them delivered.

Are you inspired by our words and would you like to know how you can effectively reach your shoppers? Do not hesitate to get in touch with Wim van den Berg from DOOR Partners/Prominent: or +31 (0)6 5756 4346.

The sales, marketing and quality control of Prominent tomatoes are handled by Door Partners B.V. This sales subsidiary forms part of the Grower Cooperative DOOR U.A.

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