How to Stand Out from The Crowd

What makes people chose a certain store to buy their groceries? Its convenient location? Or the pleasant shopping experience? How do shops stand out from the crowd? The answers can be found in our blog about the second stage of our Shopper Model: The Shop.

Happy Retailer, Happy Shopper

All over Europe supermarkets are investing in a welcoming atmosphere, where shoppers are offered a fresh cup of coffee, they can sample (new) products and the store smells of freshly baked bread.
Apart from such efforts, retailers remain focused on efficiently guiding shoppers through their store and making sure their carts are sufficiently filled with groceries before they arrive at the till. Both retailers and shoppers should be pleased with the outcome of their shopping trip.

Different Store Concepts

Many stores have a unique store concept; a supermarket in a large city might attract city folk because of its convenient lay out and high-end grab and go concept, while a store in a rural area might attract customers with a more personal approach, knowing their names and helping them carry their groceries to their cars.

A more recent phenomenon are large supermarkets which – next to having an enormous selection of products – do not stop at baking bread, but offer an in-store quality butcher or even a brewery. These supermarkets attract consumers who enjoy an extensive shopping experience and are willing to drive 20 kilometres for example, to turn their shopping trip in a day trip.

Nowadays ‘blurring’ is quite common in the retail industry; supermarkets offer quality products such as freshly baked bread and an in-store butcher, and local retailers extend their expertise to food service. An artisan bakery could invest in a cosy café for example, so their customers can enjoy their sandwiches, pastries and cakes with a fresh cup of coffee.

Back to Basics

Whether stores are looking to attract hasty shoppers buying their groceries after a busy working day or families who turn a Saturday supermarket trip into something special, they need to have a clear view of their store concept. Only when these concepts are successfully executed – an efficient route through the store for hasty shoppers or a pleasant experience for leisurely shoppers – can stores experiment with implementing new features. Shoppers need to know that their expectations are met once they are inside the store before they can be tempted into some impulse shopping.

Are you inspired by our words and would you like to start using our Shopper Model? Do not hesitate to get in touch with Wim van den Berg: or +31 (0)6 5756 4346.

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