Do the switch: how to make healthy choices?

Now that bars and restaurants are cautiously opening their doors and people no longer use canteens due to continuous working from home, the need to get creative in the kitchen increases. But what if inspiration fails? Do you order a pizza or go for a healthier alternative? Through their campaign ‘do the switch’ the Dutch government aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, particularly in times of corona. And it includes a leading role for tomatoes.

A healthy lifestyle offers resistance against COVID-19

To increase the overall health of consumers, the government encourages them to get active and eat healthier. Particularly during this pandemic, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is extra important. It boosts health and speeds up recovery should people get sick after all. In addition, a healthy lifestyle prevents packing on the pounds. But how do you break old patterns?

Start with small steps to create a big result

No one gets happy from staying indoors. What is more, unhealthy food choices are never far off. It takes discipline to stay active when you only need to walk a few metres to your home office. ‘Start with small steps,’ advises the government. Go for a short walk every day, with or without a buddy or pedometer as extra motivation. Stand up from your desk every half an hour and make sure you walk through the room while making telephone calls. These minor changes can already lead to big results.

Serving unhealthy snacks or a bowl of tomatoes?

The campaign promotes healthy food choices. Through radio commercials, consumers are encouraged to choose healthy alternatives. Take a glass of water instead of fruit juice or a carbonated drink, serve a bowl of tomatoes instead of unhealthy snacks. To further inspire consumers, this last piece of advice is included in a radio commercial.

Well-known dishes with a healthy twist

Like the government, the fruit and vegetable sector should encourage consumers to make healthy choices. Here too, small steps ultimately lead to big results. By adding minor changes to well-known dishes, you are already well on your way. What is more, the step to making sustainable changes becomes less daunting. Think of a pasta dish in which meat is being replaced with fresh aubergine. Like this, consumers can still go for a quick and easy meal but one that is just a bit healthier.

By joining forces with retailers, the impact only increases. Promote healthy alternatives together, in store and in magazines. Consumers need to get inspired to make healthy decisions. This is often easier to achieve than you think!

Growers United / Prominent has been focussing on great health and taste for many years. Curious to know how we combine these two? Do not hesitate to get in touch with Wim van den Berg of Growers United / Prominent: of +31 (0)6 5756 4346.

Prominent is a brand of Growers United UA. This organisation is responsible for the sales, marketing and quality control of the product.

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