Salad on a stick

These are the ingredients you need

1 bunch of bliss mini plum tomatoes - lettuce leaves or pea shoots - 250 g white or green asparagus, peeled - chives (finely chopped) - olive oil - salt and pepper


Put the asparagus on the hob in a pan with hot water and turn off the heat as soon as the water starts to boil. Leave the asparagus to rest in the hot water for 10 minutes. Remove the asparagus from the pan and rinse them under the cold tap. Cut them into three equal pieces and marinate with a little olive oil, chives, salt and pepper. Cut the tomatoes in half and put one half on a stick. Next, add a piece of asparagus to the skewer. Garnish with a piece of lettuce or pea shoots.


Tip: if you want to make a larger skewer, put half a tomato, a piece of asparagus and a little lettuce on the skewer again.