Meet Laurens and discover his perfect start to the day

Laurens stars in the second video in the advertising campaign for Prominent tomatoes. Laurens owns his own business and leads a busy life. To relax, he likes taking a morning run in a scenic area near his home. It's great to get outside for a bit and clear his head. Laurens feels fit and tries to eat healthy foods whenever he can.

Like the video featuring Femke, the one where Laurens is the consumer provides ideas for improving the shopper's in-store experience and optimising sales results for both suppliers and retailers. For Laurens, the cocktail tomato is perfect. Why? This little vine tomato has a deliciously juicy bite and a sweet flavour. It's the perfect tomato for including in a salad or in slices on top of bread.

A perfect start to the day
Our cocktail tomato is exactly what Laurens wants. He sees a slice of bread topped with avocado and tomato as the ultimate way to start his day. It's important to match the right range of products with the right shopper. Watch this video to see how Laurens likes to start his day.

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