Transport & storage tips

Did you know that tomatoes should not be stored in the refrigerator? At these low temperatures, they lose their flavour and beneficial nutrients. This is also why we don't want our tomatoes to be kept cold during transport.

Tomatoes are a popular product. Even so, consumers still have complaints about their flavour, but this is something they could do something about themselves. This is also an important thing for other links in the supply chain to consider. So here are our recommendations:

  • Are you storing or transporting our tomatoes under conditions colder than 15° C? If so, there is a risk of low temperature spoilage: sunken spots, rot, discolourations and premature spoilage.
  • Such low temperatures will also slow the transformation of acids into sugars so that the tomatoes will not taste as sweet.
  • Major temperature fluctuations will also have adverse impacts on quality. The greatest danger is the condensation of moisture on the surface of the tomatoes. When a tomato is being stored/transported at 18° C and is suddenly exposed to an ambient temperature of 30° C combined with a high RH (relative humidity), this greatly increases the risk of condensation. Always monitor the ambient temperature. A fluctuation greater than 10° to 15° C (depending on the relative humidity) is inadvisable.
  • Transporting or storing tomatoes at excessively high temperatures accelerates their ripening process. The tomatoes will then dry out, become less firm, and develop a mealy texture with less flavour. We recommend maintaining a temperature no higher than 18° C.
  • Provide good ventilation; determine the right balance with regard to air circulation in the lorry or temporary storage location. Too much ventilation will desiccate the green parts of the (vine) tomato.

Conclusion: cool, dry and free of draughts

So store tomatoes in a cool, dry place free of draughts. Endure a constant temperature with few fluctuations to prevent condensation from occurring. Let’s work together to provide optimum conditions to make sure that the product arrives at its final destination as it should, so that the customer can rely on – and enjoy – an excellent product.

Activate the shopper to consume tomatoes at unexpected moments

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