• date 25 Oct 2016

    The Tomato: Quite a Character!

    How would you describe a tomato? Red, round, sweet or tangy? Look a bit further and you will discover that each variety has its own set of characteristics. A smart selection of traits and perfect growing conditions turn our various types of vine tomatoes into inspiring ingredients. Let’s start cooking!

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  • date 04 Oct 2016

    Partnership on a plate

    Our delicious vine tomatoes end up in the kitchen of the end consumer because of the joint effort of our chain partners. Together they strive to deliver the best varieties to be used in any type of dish. We love being in the kitchen ourselves and are keen to inspire others to invite their friends for dinner and make it a night to remember!

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  • date 21 Apr 2016

    Keep it straight and simple

    The fresh produce categories have become increasingly important to retailers in recent years. They generate sales and margins and provide the shopper with a unique fresh food shopping experience. Retailers do their best to provide shoppers with a true market place sensation and choose top quality products for on their shelves. Fruit and vegetables play an important part in this strategy. One that premium supermarkets and discounters alike are adopting more and more.

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  • You say tomato
    date 20 Sep 2016

    ‘You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato’

    This famous line, sung by Fred Astaire to Ginger Rogers, describes their budding relationship. Prominent greatly values lasting relationships; with our affiliate partners and everyone else involved in our chain, from tomato seedling to selling. Sharing expertise, experience and ideas encourages us to produce top quality vine tomatoes for any type of dish.

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  • date 03 Feb 2016

    A tomato with character

    A tomato is more than an item number with specifications -- even though people in the supply chain don’t always sufficiently realise this. The pureness and authenticity of the tomato reflect characteristics that stimulate our senses. Unfortunately, we still tend to put our ideas about food on automatic pilot and allow ourselves to forget the beauty of the tomato and its natural origins.

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  • date 15 Sep 2015

    Prominent’s ‘Tasty Room’ inspires visitors

    What better place to enjoy a tomato than where it was grown? Many people have done just that. Prominent’s ‘Tasty Room’ stimulates all the senses. ‘After a guided tour through our production facility on Groeneweg in the Dutch town of ’s-Gravenzande, it’s time to see tomatoes in a retail produce display and taste them, too’, says marketing manager, Wim van den Berg.

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  • date 25 Jun 2015

    The tomato forges unexpected friendships

    We think of vegetables as the basis for a healthy and easy-to-prepare meal. But how often do we combine fruit and vegetables in a single dish? The result can be a real explosion of flavours with the tomato tying everything together. After all, a tomato is both fruity and savoury at the same time and just as juicy as a melon. Typical of the tomato is its refreshing sweetness and juiciness – giving it a fruity character. So what is the tomato doing in the vegetable section?

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  • date 13 May 2015

    In the mood for tomatoes?

    Supermarkets give consumers plenty of choice. And inducements in the media like TV commercials and cooking videos on YouTube also have an impact on what we decide to buy for our meals. Even so, the timing of these inducements has to be just right. Are you already in the mood to think about that family brunch? Or have you just invited friends over - friends you really want to impress with your flair for entertaining? In other words, your frame of mind really does affect the purchases you make.

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