Each Generation of Shoppers Speaks Its Own Language

‘Language’ can be seen in a broad sense here; in terms of values but also in the way in which shoppers buy their groceries. By communicating in a fitting way, via preferred platforms and media, similar products can become popular with different target groups

Millennials: Sustainable, Healthy and Flexible Solutions

Nowadays, the new generation of shoppers – millennials or younger – has a different attitude towards products, sustainability and buying groceries then the previous generations. This target group is more conscious of their health and environment for example, and more flexible in terms of the sales channels they use: whether online, in a to-go supermarket, a concept store or at a festival.

They find their inspiration and information in various places too: from stylish magazines to online blogs and social media channels such as Instagram.

Baby Boomers: Epicureans with A Taste for Quality

Another important target group that will grow in the coming years is the older generation of shoppers. This group has more free time and more money to spend than the generations after them. They have a different focus than millennials, even though they might also choose organic produce. For baby boomers, the emphasis does not lie on sustainability alone, as taste plays the biggest part in their decisions.

They get their inspiration from other sources than millennials; from cooking clubs, to television programs and (Sunday) papers.

Speak the Language of Those You Want to Reach

To reach shoppers in an efficient way, it is essential to understand the different generations: their values, daily routines, eating habits, spending patterns, shopping habits and the various sales channels they use. Try to understand what makes people happy; which values do they have and which food will ultimately land on the table?

Are you inspired by our words and interested in reaching shoppers more effectively? Do not hesitate to get in touch with Wim van den Berg: or +31 (0)6 5756 4346.

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