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Many people don’t know which tomato is best for a particular recipe. The ‘I feel good’ concept helps shoppers choose the right kind of tomato by means of especially designed symbols and a photograph of a tasty tomato dish. The concept also informs about the specific characteristics of our tomatoes by providing the appropriate POS material for the shop floor.

Research has shown that shoppers need some help when choosing fresh produce. Many people don’t know, for instance, which tomato is best for a particular recipe. The 'I feel good' concept gives them a helping hand. The concept focuses not only on how to use which tomato for a certain purpose - such as in a salad or on the grill - but also employs emotional appeal.

Presentation is crucial
Navigation around the store is key. There is hardly a supermarket that does not pay a lot of attention to this subject nowadays. How the shopper is guided through the store or fruit and vegetable section has a big influence on what goes into the shopping basket. Presentation has a crucial role to play – you have to stand out as a brand. Our new concept achieves this goal. Special ‘I feel good’ labels explain how the tomatoes should be used, simply by showing symbols and a photograph of a tasty tomato dish.

Communicating characteristics
These labels also describe the specific characteristics of our vine tomatoes. For example, our salad tomatoes are aromatic and juicy, whereas tomatoes for grilling should be sweet and firm. And you can expect a salsa tomato to be fresh and juicy so that the tomato flavour of the salsa really stands out. This information is readily available but is not communicated very well in-store. The ‘I feel good’ label tells the shopper exactly how the tomato should be used.

Appropriate packaging
We also conduct research into how packaging for each product best responds to the shopper's needs. Different types of materials, colours, weights and dimensions are explored. Environmentally friendly materials, as well as sustainability, are also considered. All the latest trends and developments contribute to designing new packaging that's exactly right for each tomato and its particular purpose.

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