The time had finally come: the last cook-off in the Prominent Kids Food Challenge 2019. Last weekend, nine avid young chefs, with the support of a parent, came from places all over the Netherlands to compete for the prestigious title of Veggie Hero of 2019. The final cook-off on Sunday, 7 July was full of suspense. The kids didn't make it easy for the jury. But it was 11-year-old Robin who ultimately claimed the title.

The young contestants had come thoroughly prepared by practicing extensively at home. Their first assignment was to make a healthy snack to treat their classmates at school. They had just 30 minutes to turn out something that displayed a really creative touch. For the second assignment, the jury asked the contestants to bake a scary-looking pizza on the Big Green Egg. Olives turned into spiders, mozzarella melted into ghosts, and tomatoes became bloody eyes. Imagination galore!

Tomatoes in the leading role
The jury was made up of Michel Lambermom (Big Green Egg master chef) and Laura Emmelkamp who writes children's cookbooks. They judged the preparations as based on taste, presentation and their appropriateness for a healthy menu. The two professionals were very impressed by the creativity invested in the dishes as well as how they tasted. In the end, it was Robin and her mother who made the most delicious and creative items using tomatoes so that she could walk off as Veggie Hero for 2019. In addition to the trophy, this team went home with a Big Green Egg MiniMax and a box full of snack tomatoes for the whole class.

Another contest next year
Excitement ran high during the final cook-off but even more evident was the fun that all the teams were having. As the initiator of this competition, Prominent wanted to stress the importance of stimulating parents and their children to make use of fresh products in the kitchen. To have them experience that preparing food made with vegetables is not only a healthy option but also fun and delicious. The first edition of the Kids Food Challenge was such a success that we'll be planning another challenge for kids and their parents next year.

Watch a video report on the Kids Food Challenge here.

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