"The customer's wishes are key"

Packaging Centers

Every customer has specific preferences – including how they want their tomatoes packaged. Whether your customer wants a flowpack holding a single cluster of tomatoes or a 1-kilogram package, DC Prominent's packaging centre can handle it. Priorities here include not only customer preferences but also quality, flexibility and capacity.

DC Prominent turns out around 75 million packages every year. Its fully automated ordering and packaging system enables it to package small as well as large orders and get them off quickly. The tomatoes are processed and loaded for shipment within 24 hours.

Packaged per cluster

Our cocktail, cherry and mini plum vine tomatoes are packaged in the packaging centre on Scheeweg in the Dutch town of De Lier. Tomatoes in larger sizes usually go straight from the production location to the export company in 5-kilogram boxes. This also applies to the medium-sized tomatoes although we are increasingly packaging these per cluster for our customers.

Packaging options

If you would like to know more about the packaging options for our tomatoes, go to the product range page to see which options are available for each segment. If you are looking for another solution – perhaps for another kind of fresh produce – you could contact the business office. They will be pleased to offer you suggestions.

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