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The right tomato for the right consumer

The right tomato for the right consumer

It's all about making the right choices. On the shop floor, too. What's available in the produce section is often so diverse that shoppers don't know which tomato to put in their cart. That's where our category approach comes in.

We analyse what motivates consumers to buy tomatoes and we know what choices they make. As a result, we’ve come up with a shopper and category strategy that's just right for your situation and your customers. The goal is twofold: to perfect the product range and also increase the category turnover.

Sharing insights
In three videos below we show what various consumers value. But it also shows how important it is to make the right tomato as attractive as possible for the right consumer. For us at DOOR Partners/Prominent, taking a peek into the daily lives of our most important target groups has generated many interesting insights and suggested many opportunities.

More information?
So many people, so many likes and dislikes! Would you like to know more about today's most important target groups and our approach to them? Send an e-mail to prominent@doorpartners.nl or contact Wim van den Berg of DOOR Partners/Prominent personally.

Most important target groups

  • This is Bella

    I'm Bella, and I was raised in the city. My friends and I like to get together at my parents' café at the end of the day. We do this two or three times a week. It's always nice to share what we've been doing - or just to sit back and enjoy what's going on around us. It makes me feel happy.

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  • date 01 Nov 2017

    This is Femke

    Femke has a little boy named Sam. She knows how important it is to take good care of her family and to choose healthy food for them. She likes to serve simple delicious dishes the whole family will be sure to enjoy. For Femke, our vine tomato is the perfect choice. Why? Because it's delicious for preparing recipes like soups or pasta sauces. So this makes it easy for Femke to serve a meal her family will love.

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  • date 22 Nov 2017

    This is Laurens

    Laurens owns his own business and leads a busy life. To relax, he likes taking a morning run in a scenic area near his home. It's great to get outside for a bit and clear his head. Laurens feels fit and tries to eat healthy foods whenever he can.

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