Educating our youth


FETfit educating our youth

Our youth is our future. The Municipality of The Hague sees the truth in this. Together with Prominent’s growers, they launched a project, called FETfit, to provide children in the city’s primary schools with more information about healthy food.

The course programme of FETfit starts by taking a look in a tomato greenhouse. Here, we show the children how the tomatoes grow and how they are cultivated. Afterward, the pupils in the upper primary school classes take to their bicycles in the Westland region. Supervised by tomato grower Roel de Bakker, the children make a tour that visits various nurseries.

At each one, they get to see a different kind of vegetable. To conclude the course programme, the delicious Westland produce is cooked and then eaten in the classroom. This enjoyable educational programme is acquainting children with vegetable cultivation and teaches them about eating a healthy diet.

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